FWF micromic

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"MicroMic" universal microphone with different fixation systems bij Hampe en Berkel Muziek

Technical specifications:
Power: 6V (CR1225)
Max consumption: 1mA
Impedance: <2,2K Ohm
Bandwidth: 20Hz-20000Hz
Ratio signal: >58dB
Output plug: 1X 3,5mm female mini jack

The MicroMic has an Hi-Fi electret differential cell. It is very easy and simple to install and can be mounted and dismounted as often as you want. The different mounting systems (for the different instruments) are isolated with a special foam stopping all vibrations from the instrument to the microphone. The stem can be bent in all directions and as often as you want. Remember to keep the the microphone cell close enough to the sound source (5-10cm). When too far, you will risk to amplify other exterior sounds and will increase the risk of feedback. At the right position, the MicroMic has the capacity to give you a full and rich bass sound but also precise trebles.

The LED is also a battery indicator. The 2X CR1225 batteries will allow you to play more or less 200 hours. Please replace the batteries as soon as the LED light gets weak. To replace the batteries, slightly lift the strip blocking them and replace both batteries with the + in the upper direction. When not using the microphone for a long period of time, please remember to take the batteries out. The mounting systems delivered will allow you to use the MicroMic on almost all musical instruments.
Some instruments will require 2X MicroMic like the accordeon, xlylophone and other instruments with multiple sound sources. The microphone is fixed to the mounting systems thanks to very strong “Néodyme” magnet. For stage and studio performance it is advised to use a DI box which will send a balanced signal to your mixing console or amplification.

FWF PICK UP systems, entirely hand made in France by Franck Fromy, an engineer whose passion in life is to create perfect sound reproduction.
Twenty years ago Franck created his own company in Paris, meeting the demanding needs of professional musicians for custom built pick- ups and superior microphones.
A standard product was developed and word spread!.....now many of France's top musicians are using Franck's pick- up system, and enjoying the wonderful natural sounds it brings with it.

Today Franck Fromy lives and works in central France, dedicating all his time to producing the now internationally recognised FWF line of pick-ups and microphones, making many new friends in the process!